Stormgate Campaign Length, Format, Price Revealed

Frost Giant recently hosted a Q&A on their Kickstarter and hundreds of fans flocked to ask questions. We’re now slowly receiving the responses, with the Frost Giant team taking it one category at a time. First up is the Stormgate campaign, with the length, format, price, and much more being discussed.

Stormgate Campaign Details: Length, Format, Price, and More

There is an absolute treasure trove of information in the latest Kickstarter update, so we’ll break it down one by one in this article. Let’s dive right in.

Stormgate Campaign Length

As with any campaign, the length of the Stormgate campaign is an important topic. After all, we all want to know how much time we’ll get out of our money and what we can expect from the story. 

However, this is something that Frost Giant have dubbed as “a tough thing to measure.” This is because the Stormgate campaign is ever-evolving and not a single self-contained story. The Stormgate story will be told through an episodic format, as an ongoing story.

There will be new chapters released regularly, much more often than “a year or longer” rather than big expansions. Essentially, this means that the campaign will probably be quite long as it’s something that will be constantly evolving, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific timeframe set just yet.

With that said, it looks like every chapter will have three missions, which will generally take the average player 3-5 hours to get through. 

Stormgate Campaign Format & Price

As mentioned in the Kickstarter post, the Stormgate campaign will come out in chapters, featuring blocks of three missions per chapter. These will release at regular intervals, so there should be new content throughout each year. 

stormgate heroes 3v3 coop

The campaign will also be playable solo, or with up to two friends, and will eventually (it’s still being worked on) only require one of the players to have purchased the campaign. However, there will be limitations in terms of save files – presumably only the host will have a save. Meanwhile, purchasing the campaign “enables progression towards achievements, unlocks, and the ability to play the missions by themselves.”

Stormgate’s campaign will also be introducing new content, including heroes, maps, and mechanics. You might see a hero make a debut in the campaign and then join the 3-player co-op and 3v3 modes, alongside their unique mechanics and units. The campaign will first be playable during early access.

Lastly, each chapter pack of three missions is currently set to be priced at $10.

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