Frost Giant Partners With Kakao Games to Launch Stormgate in Korea

frost giant partners with kakao games

Alongside the reveal of Stormgate’s third faction and the early access release date, Frost Giant have announced that they’ve officially signed a publishing agreement with Kakao Games to bring Stormgate to Korea!

Kakao Games to Publish Stormgate in Korea

Kakao Games is now the official publishing partner of Frost Giant in South Korea and will help the developers bring Stormgate to the Korean audience. Specific details of the partnership have not been revealed yet, although we can expect Kakao to provide support to Frost Giant with reaching the Korea audience. This may include supporting marketing efforts, as well as helping publish and make the game accessible in Korea.

The partnership already seems to be well under way, with an official Stormgate page being set up on the Kakao website. It mainly includes information about Stormgate, as well as a way for players to “pre-register” to earn a reward. The reward is an in-game cat pet, rocking sunglasses and a purple shirt. It’s unclear if this is a Kakao exclusive, or if it’ll be available in the rest of the world in a different way.

stormgate kakao cat pet
The reward for pre-registering for Stormgate on Kakao Games.

Overall, the partnership seems to be a great sign for Stormgate and Frost Giant. It will allow Stormgate to directly reach the Korean audience through an established publisher and will bolster their marketing efforts in the region.

For reference, Kakao Games is a very large publisher in South Korea, known for publishing games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Path of Exile, ArchAge, and Black Desert Online in the country.

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