Stormgate Battle Passes: Rewards, Cosmetics, More

stormgate battle pass

Frost Giant are planning to make their upcoming RTS a long-term success and one factor that will play into this is the inclusion of Stormgate Battle Passes. Let’s take a look at how these will work and what we can expect to see in a Stormgate Battle Pass. 

What Will We See In a Stormgate Battle Pass?

Battle Passes are ways for players to earn rewards by playing a game. Generally, players earn points by playing, which levels up the Battle Pass and rewards are granted with each level. They’re a very common addition to modern games, with some of the biggest titles like Fortnite and Valorant including them – even Starcraft 2 had its own Battle Pass with War Chests. 

frost giant ingame alpha
Early footage of Frost Giant’s Stormgate.

Frost Giant are planning to include Battle Passes in Stormgate and attempting to make it better than ever. The team already have experience adding Battle Passes to games, having done so in Starcraft 2, so there is a good foundation to build on. 

In the September discussion topic on Reddit, the team suggested current plans are to have a Stormgate Battle Pass similar to Starcraft’s War Chests. This means we may see things like unit skins, portraits, sprays, or other cosmetics in the Battle Pass, as well as seeing it support the esports scene by raising the prize pool of events. 

Considering the plans to see the game take on a seasonal approach, we’re also likely to see frequent Battle Passes. 

Stormgate mech concept art.

Frost Giant’s Stormgate Battle Pass Questions

In addition to hinting at what could be in store for the Battle Pass, Frost Giant have also asked fans some questions. These further hint at what could be included, depending on fan feedback. These questions are: 

  • We are looking at army skins for each race as a primary cosmetic reward. What additional cosmetic rewards would you like to see?
  • Do you like the idea of War Chest progression rewarding you for playing other races besides your primary race?
  • Do you like the idea of a War Chest encouraging you to try different play modes (e.g., co-op, ladder, campaign) to earn progression? Or would you prefer sticking to your favorite mode?
  • What do you think of having challenges or achievements that need to be completed in order to make progress in the War Chest? Or do you prefer a more straightforward experience-based system that doesn’t change the way you play the game?
  • Are you in favor of exclusive cosmetic rewards that can only be earned during that season, or do you want the ability to purchase a specific reward again in the future?
  • Do you think players should be allowed to purchase the remaining rewards of their War Chest if they were unable to finish it in time before the end of the season? Is this unfair to those who earned their rewards?
  • What do you think of social rewards, like party-based progression or rewards for gifting stuff to your friends?
  • Do you like the idea of infinite progression in a War Chest, providing extra value for the most active players, or do you want to be able to “complete it” and obtain all possible rewards before season’s end?
  • Do you like the idea of supporting esports prize pools and operations with a portion of War Chest proceeds?

Overall, there looks to be a lot planned and the Stormgate Battle Pass seems like it could take many directions. Make sure to join the discussion on Reddit – maybe your suggestion will make it into the game!

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