Stormgate Was The Second Most Played Next Fest Game

Steam Next Fest allowed everyone to get their hands on Stormgate and it seems like a ton of people were interested. Frost Giant have revealed some stats for the game during the Next Fest, which includes the fact that Stormgate was the second most played Next Fest game!

Stormgate Shines at Steam Next Fest

According to an infographic posted by Frost Giant, Stormgate was the second most played game at Steam Next Fest, just behind Dungeonborne. It seems like people are pretty excited for the next big RTS! Thanks to Stormgate World, the team was able to gather some interesting stats, including the fact there was a total of 534,052 1v1 matches played during Next Fest.

Alongside the massive amount of matches, we also saw that the top player, Won “PartinG” Lee-sak, had a mindboggling 96% win rate over 347 matches! Alongside the best of the best, a ton of players hit the 1v1 ladder, with the road to the highest rank, Master, taking an average of 179.6 games.

Check out the full infographic here!

When it comes to the factions, it seems there was a clear favorite. The Vanguard had a pick rate of 61.6% (leaving 38.4% to the Infernals), although, their win rate sat at just 44.5% – the humans seem to have lost this battle to the demons!

Stormgate Next Fest Stats: Over 60K Unique 1v1 Players

Stormgate World also revealed other stats for Next Fest, allowing us to dig into the details. The most interesting of these was the player count – in just the 1v1 ranked mode, Stormgate saw a total of 64,119 unique players throughout the week. Considering this doesn’t include the co-op mode or custom matches, we can assume a ton of people tried out the game!

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check out the full stats on Stormgate World, or dig through the API to uncover more data. And, as always, remember to wishlist Stormgate on Steam!

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