Next Wave of Stormgate Alpha Keys To Be Sent in August

Stormgate’s alpha testing kicked off in July with a very limited pool of players testing out the game under NDA. Most fans of the game were not granted access in this initial phase, but that may change very soon.

Next Stormgate Alpha Testing Phase to Start in August

Frost Giant’s Gerald Villoria revealed on the Stormgate Nexus Discord that another testing phase and a wave of invites are on the way in August. No specific dates were revealed yet, but if we go by the July testing phase, we can expect this to be within the first two weeks of the month.

Likewise, no details were revealed about who will be invited. However, considering that it’s still early on in the closed alpha, it’s likely that the majority of alpha invites will go to more ‘trusted’ community members.

With that being said, just like in the first phase, some people are likely to be randomly invited from the beta signup list. If you’ve already signed up, then make sure to cross your fingers and keep checking your email in August. 

Frost Giant May Add a Way To Increase Odds of Getting Alpha

Gerald also shared that the team is working on a way for fans to increase their odds of getting alpha access. He says that things are “still tentative”, however there may be some more information coming soon. 

This, presumably, comes as a way to give fans of the game access while helping Frost Giant find dedicated testers. Inviting players randomly through the beta signup is a fair way to get random players, however, Gerald earlier mentioned that some hadn’t even opened their invitation email.

As such, allowing active fans to somehow increase their odds of getting beta would help the team get active testers and make a few Stormgate fans very happy. Again, no more information has been revealed about this, but we’ll keep you updated as it comes! 

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