Infernal Host Content To Be Revealed at Gamescom

Infernal Host Content To Be Revealed at Gamescom

While the second phase of the Stormgate Alpha is in full swing, we’re all still clamoring for new content. Luckily, Frost Giant has us covered, revealing that we’ll get a look at their progress on the Infernal Hosts at Gamescom.

Stormgate Infernal Host Content At Gamescom

Details are a little sparse, however, Frost Giant revealed in their July newsletter that they’ll be at Gamescom this year and will be sharing a bit of Infernal Host content. 

For those out of the loop – Gamescom is an annual event where hundreds of game devs and gaming-related businesses gather to show off new stuff. There are always a ton of awesome game announcements at Gamescom events and this year we’ll be getting something Stormgate too.

This year’s event takes place from 22 to 27 August, however Frost Giant have now confirmed that the reveal will take place on Opening Night Live. This means you can catch the reveal on August 22 and while no specific time has been revealed, the show starts at 20:00 CEST (11:00 PT or 14:00 ET) and will last a couple of hours.

You can watch the show on the Gamescom site, Twitch, or YouTube.

The Infernal Hosts are one of Stormgate’s playable races.

What Could Frost Giant Reveal At Gamescom?

We know something’s coming and it’ll be Infernal Host related – but what exactly will we see revealed?

There are a lot of possibilities. We may see something as simple as expanding on the few Infernal Host units we’ve seen, all the way to a full faction reveal with gameplay (we’re personally hopeful for the latter!). 

december newsletter infernal host concept art
Concept art of Stormgate’s Infernal Hosts.

It’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see at least a few units expanded on and potentially a few new ones. We’ve already had pretty detailed looks at the Infernal Host worker, as well as the Shadowflyer (the eyeball with wings), so we may see a deeper dive into some of the other units that have been teased. 

There’s also the buildings, the Infernal Hosts homeworld or Infernal-themed map archetypes, and their lore. Really, it could be just about anything, but whatever we’ll see, it’s probably worth getting excited for. 

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