Frost Giant Bring on W3Champions’ Fluxxu 

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With Frost Giant looking to create the next big thing in RTS, they’ve had to put together an all-star team of experienced RTS veterans. Many of their employees come from a Blizzard background, be it Starcraft, Warcraft, or even both. 

However, the team has just revealed a new member has joined Frost Giant, one who is widely famous for his work in Warcraft 3 – Fluxxu. 

Early Stormgate gameplay footage.

Who is Fluxxu and What Has He Done For Warcraft 3?

Best known for his work on W3Champions, Fluxxu is considered one of few reasons that competitive Warcraft 3 is still active to this day. He made incredible breakthroughs in Warcraft 3, creating a competitive platform that allows easy matchmaking against players all over the world, automatic game hosting, and overall a working ladder system.

W3Champions gave players a central place to compete, while avoiding (as much as possible) issues like lag, Blizzard server problems, and region-locked matchmaking. It also created an easy-to-see ladder that could be actively moderated, updated, and managed – unlike Blizzard’s abandoned official Warcraft 3 servers, or even a lack of official ladder overall with the launch of Reforged. 

Overall, the service continues to be a huge boon for the Warcraft 3 community, having seen millions of games and allowing players to enjoy their favorite game despite disappointing treatment from the developers. 

w3champions loading screen
W3Champions ladder system is a blessing for WC3.

What Could We See From Fluxxu At Frost Giant?

Considering Fluxxu’s work for W3Champions, he’s likely joining the team to work on the Stormgate ladder. We can definitely expect to see some innovation from him, considering he now has the backing of a full-scale game studio. 

While no features are yet confirmed, we could possibly see things like low-ping global matchmaking, high-quality (mmr and queue time wise) matchmaking, the ability to spectate live games, and an overall well-built ladder system. 

All in all, this is definitely exciting new for Stormgate and we can expect to have an amazing ladder experience once the game is released

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