Celestial Armada Revealed as Stormgate’s Third Faction

stormgate third faction revealed

The time is finally here! Stormgate’s third faction has finally been revealed – the Celestial Armada! Here’s everything we know about it from the PC Gaming Show segment.

Stormgate Third Faction: The Celestial Armada

Revealed on June 9 at the PC Gaming Show, the Celestials are a cosmic race of near-immortal angelic warriors, armed with technology so advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic. They’re a very unique faction, with a bunch of features rarely seen in RTS. These include:

  • Unconventional buildings and base construction: The Celestials are highly mobile and can build (almost) anywhere. They start with a flying structure, the Arcship, which can move across the map. Celestial buildings (including the Arcship) create a Cascade Field around them, which allows the Celestials to call down buildings. This can be done anywhere there is a Cascade Field.
  • No workers: The faction doesn’t use any workers to build, instead, buildings are called down from orbit anywhere that there is a Cascade Field.
  • Unique power & supply mechanics: Celestials start with maxed-out supply! Instead, they focus on a unique resource called Power. They need to build Power Banks to power their buildings, and extra power can provide benefits that empower their army, while insufficient power limits their abilities.

Celestial Units

Alongside the reveal of the Stormgate third faction itself, we also got a look at a few key Celestial units. They look to be very mechanical and robotic based, with the three revealed units being: Kri (unstoppable war machines), Saber (Energy Hover Tanks), and Animancer (Spell-Casting Technophiles).

Not much has been revealed about these units just yet, but we’ll no doubt learn more about them, and the rest of the Celestial arsenal, very soon!

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