Stormgate Creep Camp Rework Revealed by Samwise Didier

stormgate creep rework revealed

After a brief period of downtime, we finally have some Stormgate news, and boy was it worth waiting for! Legendary gaming artist Samwise Didier released a video showcasing the new Stormgate creeps and they looked absolutely awesome.

New Stormgate Creep Camps Revealed

For those who don’t know who Samwise Didier is – he’s a veteran artist, designer, and producer that worked for Blizzard since 1991. He has created art and worked on legendary games including Warcraft 1, 2, and 3, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft 2. So, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about creating art for games.

On April 1 (it’s not an April fools – we checked!), he released a YouTube video, showing off the brand new creep camps for Stormgate. It’s goodbye to the chicken and hello to post apocalyptical, Mad Max-style characters, with big spikes and scraps of metal.  He goes over his thoughts for the design and his creative process – it’s well worth checking out to see how these things are put together, and, of course, to get a sneak peek at what the creep camps will look like!

Stormgate Creep Camp Rework Details

While Didier highlighted what the creeps would look like, Frost Giant revealed how they would work in a blog post. As part of the Stormgate creep camp rework, new mechanic has been added to creep camps: capture points. These points spawn when a creep camp dies, allowing nearby units to ‘capture’ the camp, giving benefits to the player or team when captured. If you’re familiar with Heroes of the Storm, it seems similar to how creep camps work there, however, once a creep camp is captured, it can still be captured by the enemy player.

It’s still unclear exactly what creep camps will now provide, although Frost Giant have stated that “it will often provide a combination of local and global benefits to the player.” They even give an example, with health camps giving high regen nearby, and low regen across the entire map. In addition, there may be some camps that provide immediate effect, like the catapult or map vision.

stormgate new creeps

Creep camps will still respawn at a higher level after a set period of time, even with capture points existing, so there will be plenty of room for back and forth. Overall, Frost Giant states that their goal with these changes is to make creep camps worth going for and to encourage action out on the map. We’ll be able to see how it works out in late April, when the next Stormgate beta stage is set to begin.

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