Alpha Navigators Cup Continues Stormgate Esports Action

alpha navigators cup season 0 stormgate

Stormgate esports action continues after the first-ever major event, with the Alpha Navigators Cup reaching its season 0 finals. Some of the best Stormgate players will be battling it out on Feb 24 & 25, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Alpha Navigators Cup Season 0 Finals: Players, Format, Prize Pool

The Alpha Navigators Cup is a weekly grassroots tournament that started during the Stormgate alpha. Each week players battled it out in regional events, earning points towards a seasonal final. After eight weeks of competition, the first season is finally taking place on February 24-25. The top 16 ranked players will be battling it out in a double elimination bracket, seeded based on seasonal ranking.

These 16 players are: Theory, Azure, Winckel, Lorimbo, Jardozer, Luolis, Mixu, baka, DON~ILYA, kel, Blodir, Highdra, RayReign, Probe, Keiras, and NightPhoenix.

The event will be broadcast on Twitch by organizer Sebastian “Adico” Quintanilla. Both days will begin at 15:00 GMT, which is 07:00 AM PST, or 02:00 AM AEDT (next day). Multiple matches will be going on at the same time, so its likely only select games will be streamed until the later stages.

When it comes to the prize pool, it is fully community funded. You can support the event on its Matcherino page by donating to the prize pool, or you can even add $0.25 just by having an account and clicking the free code! As of writing, the prize pool stands at $133 – let’s see if we can improve that!

The Alpha Navigators Cup is also a part of the Stormgate Tournament Collective – a place for Stormgate and esports fans to meet and grow the game together. If you’re interested in hosting, being a part of events, or just a fan, make sure to join in.

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