Which Platforms Will Stormgate Be Playable On?

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Frost Giant’s upcoming RTS Stormgate is set to enter beta this year. As for any game, it’s important to know what exactly you can play it with – be it PC, Mac, or even consoles. 

Let’s take a look at which platforms Stormgate will be playable on. 

Which Platforms Will You be Able to Play Stormgate on?

We all play games on different platforms and in a perfect world, every game would be playable on every platform. However, due to a variety of limitations and difficulties, many games only release on a specific platform (or sometimes on a couple of different platforms) and Stormgate is much the same. 

As confirmed by Tim Morten in the r/Games AMA, Stormgate is only planned for Windows at this time. His full comment states: “We are 100% focused on Windows for now. If we achieve the success that we hope to, it’s possible that we could consider other platforms in the future. We’ve learned from experience that there is a significant on-going support burden for each new platform.”

This means that it is possible that sometime in the future they may expand to support other platforms, such as Linux or Mac, however, if you want to play Stormgate when it’s released, you’ll need a Windows PC.

human grunt exploration
Early concept of Stormgate’s “Grunt.”

Stormgate Minimum Requirements

Now that we know Stormgate will only be available on Windows, it’s important to know how powerful of a PC you need to run the game. Unfortunately, no minimum requirements have been revealed yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

With that being said, Frost Giant are aiming to make the game very accessible, so you shouldn’t need the latest tech to play the game.

We’ll update this page as soon as the requirements are revealed.

frost giant 3d printing human resistance
Human Resistance construction concept.

Will Stormgate Be Playable on Linux or Mac?

Stormgate is currently only coming to Windows. However, Linux or Mac support may be added down the line if the game is successful and there is enough demand for it.

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