Stormgate May Have Offline Mode for Campaign

While most modern games move to online only, Frost Giant may be taking a different approach. The developer’s revealed that it’s possible we may be getting a Stormgate offline mode sometime in the future, allowing fans of the game to play the campaign without internet access.

Stormgate May Support Offline Mode for Campaign in the Future

As confirmed by Frost Giant’s Gerald on Reddit, Stormgate may be getting an offline mode for its campaign, just sometime in the future. In response to a question about offline modes, he stated “We aspire to support offline play for solo campaign at some point, but the team is currently focused on getting our Early Access release into players’ hands. Campaign progression and save states depend on our server technologies at this time, but offline campaign support is definitely one of our future goals.”

This means that we may be able to play the campaign offline in the future, which is a small but incredibly player-friendly feature. Most modern games have moved into online-only modes, even for single player content. This can frustrate players as it means a poor connection stops them from playing single player content, which, to the average gamer, doesn’t make much sense.

Of course, there are systems in place that require internet connectivity. This can include anything from servers that make it possible for the game to run, to anti-cheat systems, save states, and achievement systems. However, setting up system that allow offline play for single player content can be very beneficial for players, especially those who struggle to maintain a stable internet connection.

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