Simu Liu Playtests Stormgate; Official Images Tease In-game UI

Simu Liu Playtests Stormgate Official Images Tease In-game UI

Hype around Stormgate continues to build as we get closer and closer to mid-2023 beta. Luckily, there’s a lot of content to consume while we wait, with Frost Giant recently revealing actor Simu Liu visited the team to playtest an early version of Stormgate.

Alongside his visit we also got a sneak peek at some in-game Stormgate content – let’s take a look! 

Simu Liu Visits Frost Giant HQ, Playtests Stormgate

Frost Giant revealed on February 27 that Simu Liu visited the team’s studio to playtest Stormgate. This is pretty exciting for the game, seeing as Simu is a huge RTS fan already (having previously talked about his interest in Starcraft 2) and is seemingly just as excited for Stormgate as the rest of us! It always helps to have someone popular following the game and possibly getting more people interested in it. 

As for the playtest itself, not many details have been revealed. All we really know is that Simu got to play some Stormgate and he looked to be having a great time. We even see Frost Giant’s Monk presenting him with a “First Asian man to beat Stormgate” trophy – a call back to a Saturday Night Live skit Simu was in. 

first asian man to beat stormgate
A callback to Simu’s SNL skit.

Stormgate Playtest Images Tease In-game UI

Moving onto the juicy in-game stuff, a few images shared by the Frost Giant team featured some new Stormgate content in the background. Unfortunately, the quality and size is not the best (likely by design) so we have to really enhance and count pixels just to see what we’re working with. 

The best image we have is one of Simu and Tim Campbell, with someone working on something Stormgate related in the background. We can see some very early Stormgate gameplay going on, which shows a building, a grassy looking map, and most importantly, the in-game UI.

stormgate ui
We had to really enhance for this one.

Stormgate’s UI looks to be quite similar to Blizzard RTS. It’s a bar at the bottom of the screen which contains a unit portrait, a command card, and presumably some unit information and a minimap, although the full screen isn’t visible in the picture. 

There is also some new stuff. It seems that the resource counts are above the command card and there are also some small tabs, which seem to be hotkeys, or possibly quick macro buttons which select specific buildings. Overall, the command card area looks clear but full of useful information. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the game is still in a pre-alpha state, so it could all still change. 

The image also has something blurred out on the screen, presumably a unit or building, so it seems this was an intended teaser. Unfortunately, that’s all we got from this event, but seeing the game being played is incredibly exciting! The beta can’t come soon enough. 

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