Frost Giant Officially Connects With Chinese RTS Community; Will Launch Stormgate in China

stormgate post launch

Stormgate is set to enter beta in mid-2023 and fans all across the globe are incredibly excited for the release. The Frost Giant team are ensuring that the game will reach far and wide, having recently connected with one of the biggest RTS communities in China to show off Stormgate.

Frost Giant Connects With Chinese SCboy Community

On February 2, an official Frost Giant post appeared on the SCboy forums, a large RTS community created by commentator XiaoSe and ex-pro F91, introducing Stormgate to the community. The post encouraged forum users to comment about the game, as well as provide any suggestions. 

XiaoSe and F91 are legends in the Chinese Starcraft community and even have their own in-game announcer pack.

Many fans on the forum welcomed Frost Giant, saying they are excited for Stormgate, offering some suggestions, and, unsurprisingly, enquiring about the beta date (just like the rest of us!). 

The post came at an opportune time, as Blizzard’s agreement with NetEase ended at the start of the year, resulting in all Blizzard services in the country shutting down. This includes official Starcraft and Warcraft game servers, which leaves an RTS-sized hole in the hearts of many Chinese gamers. 

As such, the outlook for Stormgate in China looks very promising. The fans will want a new RTS to play and follow, and Frost Giant will provide just that with their “Blizzard-style” game. It’s a win-win and we’ll no doubt see a large fanbase take an interest in Stormgate.

frost giant ingame alpha
Early footage of Frost Giant’s Stormgate.

Will Stormgate be Playable in China?

The post confirms that Stormgate will be playable in China. Not only does it mention the beta, but the team also signs out by saying “We hope to fight with you in the game soon!”.

Launching a game in China as a non-Chinese company requires the developers to find a Chinese publishing partner. It has not yet been confirmed who this will be, however, Riot Games, who are owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent, are an investor in Frost Giant, so the team will have some assistance, if not a direct link already. 

All in all, it’s exciting to see another large community interested in Stormgate! We’ll all have to wait for the release together and until then make sure to wishlist the game on Steam

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