Stormgate’s Third Faction to be Revealed in Early 2024 

December truly is Stormgate month! The Frost Giant team have dropped another small announcement, giving us a preview of what we can expect to see at The Game Awards. However, that’s not all, we also got a slight tease about Stormgate’s third faction.

Third Stormgate Faction Announcement Coming Early 2024

We’ve been hearing “two plus” and “more than two” regarding the game’s faction number ever since Stormgate’s announcement. However, that’s about all we heard about the third faction over the years.

Now, we have official confirmation that the third faction is being worked on and that their identity will be revealed “early next year.”

There has been a lot of speculation about who will be joining the Human Resistance and the Infernal Host. Players have suggested aliens, elves, a race of plants, and a million other things – luckily, we won’t have to guess for that much longer! 

Of course, before we get there, we still have a closed beta and a myriad of other events in December. They should keep us entertained enough until the third faction is revealed. 

The Game Awards Stormgate Trailer Preview

One event that will keep us excited is The Game Awards’ Stormgate trailer. Frost Giant’s Gerald has given us a little teaser, possibly to temper expectations, or build hype, depending on just how much you were expecting to hear on December 7.

stormgate infernal gameplay
Stormgate Infernal Host gameplay.

We’ll see a minute-long trailer, featuring a cinematic that introduces characters and highlights some of the game’s voice talent, as well as some new gameplay footage featuring Blockade and the new Infernal Host units. 

That’s about it for the preview. All we can do now is wait just a few short days until the closed beta and the Kickstarter. If you’re interested in backing the game and scoring some awesome Stormgate loot, make sure to follow the official Kickstarter page

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